Snapchat Advertising

We at Swotech provide the services of online marketing through comprehensive snapchat advertising campaigns as we are a pioneer in running Snapchat marketing in Pakistan. Our aim is to build a digital marketing strategy that helps local companies gain competitive advantage in the digital marketing world.
This is an era of mobiles where more than any other platform the users are more interested. Snapchat for a business is a new tool to enhance audience and generate leads ultimately turning into successful conversions. This ad type runs in between stories, and allows users to naturally view your ad without interrupting their browsing. These ads are full-screen, immersive and engaging that inspire action and drive results as they make an instant impact and never go unseen.

Why advertise on Snapchat?

Create a single ad in minutes or launch full-funnel advertising campaigns on any budget all within Snapchat’s self-service platform, Ads Manager.

Start with a one
paid campaign trial

Enhance your
customer outreach

Optimize your

Brand awareness
& lead generation

Define your purpose

Choose a campaign target and use this advertising tool to bring the best out of your business.


Choose a campaign target and use this advertising tool to bring the best out of your business.


Help prospective customers learn deeply about your brand, app, or products. 


Make your prospective clients turn into your real time clients.

Different ad types for different
business requirements

Reach out to existing and new
prospective customers

Our error-free targeting tools get your ads in front of the audience you’re most concerned about. Targeting can be done by location, age, gender, interests, demographics and more. We explore Snapchat’s advanced targeting capabilities to unlock more opportunities for your business:

Similar target

Expand your reach by finding Snapchat users similar to your existing customers. Lookalike Audiences identifies Snapchat users that are similar to your existing customer base on Snapchat.

Re-engagement of
previous clientele

Target customers using a customer list of emails, phone numbers or device IDs – reach Snapchatters who have interacted with your brand or business in the past using Snap Audience Match.

Specific niche

Reach Snapchatters based on their past buying patterns or viewing behaviors. Tap into an expansive database through Snap’s partnerships with Oracle and Nielsen to develop a highly targeted segment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we run snapchat ads?

These ads are posted via the Snap Ads Manager. Unfortunately, the snapchat ad account is currently not available in Pakistan. We here will be your agency who will run campaigns for you by using our own Snapchat account.

What are snapchat ads?

Referred to as Snap Ads, these are the first ad format launched by Snapchat, and therefore, provide the most traditional ad experience on the platform.

Can we advertise through snapchat in Pakistan?

Unfortunately, the snapchat ad account is currently not available in Pakistan. We here will be your agency who will run campaigns for you by using our own Snapchat account.

Why advertise through snapchat?

Snapchat is a great tool to connect you with users in your area and help them recognize your brand. Snap Ads- 10-second video ads appearing between Stories help build brand awareness and promote your business.

What is our snapchat advertising strategy?

We currently focus on a marketing strategy that would create brand awareness at large and bring in leads.

How snapchat for a business can enhance ROI?

Snapchat has helped businesses enhance their ROI multiple times. Tapping the right target audience, bifurcating the story ads, and choosing the right ad type will be the key to it.

How will snapchat advertising bring more business?

The more people reached through ads, the more chances of successful conversions. It all depends on your ads quality and ad spend amount.

Why choose our digital marketing agency?

The Swotech team is a pioneer in Snapchat advertising in Pakistan and will work with you to create a tailored, highly-targeted ad campaign optimized as per your goals without any hassle or dismay.

Can snapchat business location filter be applied on the ads?

Yes. There is a specific snap ads type for snapchat Geofilters. We can have an ad appear at a certain location for a specific demographic through these.

Does snapchat marketing bring more leads?

Yes, it depends on how goal oriented and well-designed your campaign is.

Is snapchat marketing a better tool than Facebook or Instagram advertising?

Full-screen interactivity, a wide variety of CTAs, relative affordability and a younger userbase make Snapchat advertising stand out from the other ad giants. Facebook and Instagram are industry juggernauts after Google, but Snapchat is a worthy contender for those targeting younger millennials and Gen Z. However, an effective social media strategy is a holistic one incorporating all three.

What is the snapchat ads’ cost?

This is going to be dependent on your demographic, the duration of your campaign, your dollar-per-day investment, and various details with too many combinations to mention at all. Snapchat works by charging per every 1,000 impressions, but there are also goal-based options. The key is to make yourself understand that advertising requires money to begin with- but usually not more than a few hundred bucks for a beginning. Investing more money can bring in more business, but this is going to largely depend on the success of your campaigns.

How many types of snapchat ads are there?

Web View: You have the ability to attach the brand’s website to the ad. When the ad does appear, there will be a swipe up on the CTA to visit the website and make purchases without leaving the app.
Article: Promote the article or blog section of your website by using this ad format. This featured type gives you the ability to include text, autoplay in-line videos, and GIFs within the ad. After the ad is live for users to see, it will appear under Snapchat’s Discover section.
App Install: This will help you generate more app installations for your brand. There will be a CTA while your ad plays to have your brand’s app installed. Best of all, the user doesn’t have to leave Snapchat, so there’s no real interruption.
Long-Form Video: If you want to promote television ads, movie trailers, or behind-the-scenes footage, then this type of advertisement is for you. This ad will play for 10 seconds and then promote a CTA to finish playing the entire video on your brand’s website.
Sponsored Geofilters: Have an ad appear at a certain location for a specific demographic. There are several different events you can choose to have this done such as these:
• They’ll appear at the location at your event
• Shared geo-filters will show up in shared spaces at an airport
• Chain geo-filters will be in physical stores
• National geo-filters will be in the location of your choice

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